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Hypnosis Facts You Didn’t Know

Did you know Sigmund Freud was a hypnotist? Egyptians used hypnosis for medical AND religious purposes. Hypnosis can be used as an anesthesia. Every day, we all experience hypnosis at least…

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Find a Hypnotist Near Me

How can you easily find Hypnotists near you? What types of issues can a professional hypnotist can help you with? How do you go about contacting a Consulting Hypnotist for a session? All this, and more, including the best directories to find Professional Hypnotists.

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Does Hypnosis Work?

I Hypnotized a Skeptical Journalist, and THIS is what happened…
Can anyone be hypnotized? What is it really like to experience a hypnosis session? How do stage hypnosis shows work?

This article was featured as the cover story in the San Diego Reader.

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