Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program

How to Stop Smoking without Cravings or Drugs!

Longtime smokers tell me that the struggle to become a nonsmoker is the single biggest challenge of their life.

Most have tried to quit several times. Many have tried the nicotine patch or gum without success.

How to Stop Smoking Hypnosis Audio Program. The best way to stop smoking.
How to Stop Smoking Hypnosis Audio Program

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Why Hypnosis to Stop Smoking?

Statistically, most people who have been able to quit smoking have already…

  1. Tried to quit at least SIX times previously, and
  2. Have had a MAJOR health scare related to their smoking habit.

Hopefully you haven’t already experienced a major health scare, because I’ve got some great news for you!

Stop Smoking and Eliminate the Cravings

The Stop Smoking program is a professionally recorded audio hypnosis session. The program uses hypnotic conditioning to dramatically reduce and eventually eliminate your desire for cigarettes. Imagine yourself experiencing all the benefits of being a nonsmoker:

  • Better health.
  • Ability to breathe deeply and easily.
  • Your clothes and home smell clean and fresh.
  • Cleared sinuses, and no more hacking coughs!
  • A relaxed and easygoing nature…decisions come easier.
  • No more “sneaking around” feeling like a second-class citizen.
  • More money saved to enjoy the things that are truly important in life.

Forget About Gaining Weight!

People sometimes worry that they’ll start gaining weight if they stop smoking. It’s a common concern. No problem!

The Stop Smoking hypnosis program includes hypnotic suggestions that address this exact situation. You’ll receive hypnotic suggestions that condition you to drink plenty of pure water and to avoid harmful sweets.

The benefit is that you can quit smoking and experience a lifestyle that is conducive to a slim, healthy body.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

This program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 to stop smoking hypnosis satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not delighted with the program for any reason, then you’ll get a full refund. I’d be grateful if you try the program for yourself risk free, and see how it works for you.

If you’re truly ready to become a nonsmoker for life, then you’ll use the program, and get your desired results.

Hypnosis is one of the most effecting and proven ways to quit the smoking habit. Ask around! It’s possible you already know someone that has used hypnosis to stop smoking permanently!

Are You Ready to Become a Nonsmoker?

It doesn’t matter what methods to quit you have already tried. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been smoking. You just haven’t properly harnessed the part of your mind that can deliver the goods!

So, let’s get started!

The Stop Smoking hypnosis program is available for instant download. You can listen to the program as a streaming video file, or download it as an “.mp3” audio file. These universal formats guarantee compatibility with ANY computer, smartphone, or iPad type of device.

The investment is only $19.97, and you can download the session now and start experiencing the benefits within minutes…

Download Stop Smoking Hypnosis!

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Testimonials*

*Disclaimer: Obviously everybody is different. Your results may vary.

So, let’s hear what some actual users of the program had to say:

I have listened to it twice, and so far and have not smoked for 13 hours. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but this recording is wonderful! I found it easy to relax to it and be open to all of the positive suggestions.

I am planning on using it several times a day initially. My favorite part of the hypnosis were the subliminal suggestions. I found them incredibly positive and supportive. -Beth Watkins

I have tried to stop smoking a zillion times. The patch, gum, cold turkey, I’ve tried it all. I saw Erick perform at our local high school and was thoroughly amazed and impressed. Once my wife learned that he offered a self-hypnosis audio program to stop smoking, she couldn’t wait to give it to me.

Well, I am happy to report that with the help of this program, I have gone 5 months smoke free.

I listened to it daily for the first 21 days as instructed, but I admit that I still use it a few times a week if I feel anxious or get a craving. I always “wake up” refreshed and in a good mood. I think it saved my marriage to boot. : )

What a great, inexpensive way to stop smoking and maintain a cheery disposition at the same time! -Don Walker

Thank you!!! You helped me quit smoking. I was a smoker for 8 years. Last August I found out I was going to have a baby. I tried to quit smoking, but I couldn’t. I was addicted.

I asked my doctor what my options were. She said if being pregnant wasn’t enough to quit, then nothing would work. I was NOT satisfied with that answer.

So, I went to another doctor. He told me smoking was better than taking medications during pregnancy. Again, I was not happy with that outcome.

There were so many choices for stop smoking hypnosis programs, but most of them were over a hundred dollars. I was afraid I was going to get ripped off.

When I saw the price for your program, I decided to take a chance. Thank God that I did, because now I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!” -Shannon Benear

I haven’t smoked or chewed yet. I have tried to quit so many times, but this time it worked, and that I tribute to you. -RH
Everything is going great as a non-smoker! I’m surprised how well it’s going. It gets easier everyday. -CC
Thank you for everything. I know you played a big part in my getting over this whole smoking issue! I never thought I would notice the difference so quickly and how my desire to be back in that place would be null and void!

Quitting is of course not easy, but you have definitely made the road less bumpy (rather smooth to be honest!). Thank you again for your compassion and wonderful work. -JS

The Best Way to Stop Smoking!

  • Be free of all smoking desires.
  • Feel good about yourself.
  • Experience hypnosis in a safe environment.
  • Become healthier and happier.