EFT Tapping is a Speedy Phobia Treatment!

In the following video I’m demonstrating the Emotional Freedom Technique to resolve an emotionally charged snake phobia:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT tapping therapy consists of stimulating specific meridian points of the body to neutralize painfully intense negative emotions. I know it sounds weird, but this treatment is very effective, and it’s fast!

I LOVE this technique! It can be used with anyone, anytime, anywhere. “Tapping” can quickly resolve fears, upsets, traumas, anger, and sadness.

I find that EFT can often be faster than hypnosis to resolve an emotional issue on the fly! It requires no pre-talk or client understanding of how it works.  Nor does it require any type of “belief in the process” from the client.

Furthermore, the EFT protocol requires no understanding of how a negative emotion even came into being. You DON’T need to ask probing questions about the client’s childhood or do any sort of talk therapy hoping for an emotional “breakthrough.”

What’s the Process?

You simply have the client focus on the “thought field” of a strong negative emotion. Focusing on the problem tends to evoke the emotional intensity related to the problem. The client rates the intensity of the feeling on a scale of 1-10. A “ten” is the strongest feeling, being extremely intense.

The EFT practitioner proceeds to tap on specific meridian points of the body. This produces a relaxation response that counteracts the intensity of the problem emotion. The results often come quickly, and they’re usually PERMANENT.

Of course, some problems have multiple layers of complexity. Usually these simply require more persistence with the technique to address the various emotional aspects of the problem.

EFT Tapping Demonstrations

The Emotional Freedom Technique works for ANY type of negative emotion.  For group demonstrations, fear and phobia treatments have a strong visual impact for several reasons:

1) People connect with their fears very easily. Phobia sufferers find it easy for to connect with their fear just by thinking about it. Just imagining the problem situation causes the emotion to be felt. In fact, you’ll see the physical discomfort on the client’s face when they  think about their problem situation.

2) People will openly talk about their fears. Fears and phobias are a generally “acceptable” subject that people are willing to discuss in a group setting. While a person readily admits that they are “scared of heights,” they are far less willing to talk about more personal problems in front of a group of strangers.

3) Everyone can see the physical transformation. It’s easy to see the “before and after” effects of a brief intervention of EFT tapping therapy. After a round or two of EFT, the person can still imagine the problem scenario, but it doesn’t have the same painful intensity as before. It’s really quite miraculous!

4) The results can often be “tested.” Example: I worked with a volunteer that had an intense fear about riding on elevators. After a few rounds of “tapping” (about five minutes time invested), she no longer exhibited any discomfort about the “thought” of elevators. Skeptically, she agreed go with some friends to a nearby elevator just outside the seminar ballroom. After several minutes, she returned to say that she had just taken no less than THREE elevator trips and “loved it!”

Rapid results like this are common for practitioners of the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Therapists all over the world are learning about EFT and experiencing great results with their clients. In fact, ANYONE can learn to self apply EFT tapping techniques and become their own best therapist!

It’s a simple, easy, and a very effective way to navigate the inevitable emotional ups and downs of daily life. If you use EFT on a daily basis, things that used to bother you A LOT eventually become like no big deal.

Find an EFT Practitioner Near You

I recommend the following two directories to locate an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner in your area. All of these coaches are qualified to teach you the “basics.” Additionally, most have listed their primary areas of special expertise:

Become Your Own Best Therapist

I teach my own personal system of self-applied EFT “meridian tapping.” I’ll walk you through the process step by step with lessons presented in an interactive course format.

My mission is to empower people with a blueprint to heal themselves using simple techniques that get real results! Find out more at the Fear Cure Course.

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Disclaimer: The term “phobia” is a diagnostic term that falls under the treatment umbrella of  licensed psychiatrists and psychologists. However, “phobia” is also a word in use by the general population to describe any kind of strong fear, so that’s how I’m using the term. I’m NOT a licensed therapist, and I don’t diagnose medical or psychiatric problems.

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