A chance encounter with a Hypnotist at the airport saves the vacation!

Newlyweds James and Sarah Roberts of England had already invested $2,400 (U.S. dollars) towards their dream vacation in the United States.

Upon arrival at the airport, James was struck with anxiety to the point of tears. Never having flown before, he confronted a crippling fear of flying that prevented him from boarding the plane.

As fate would have it, a Consulting Hypnotist on the same flight witnessed the meltdown and offered to help. The Hypnotist expertly guided him through a brief hypnotherapy process right there in the lounge during the final minutes of the boarding process.

In less than ten minutes, the anxiety had drained away. James was now focused on the benefits of taking this dream vacation with his new bride.

The newlyweds boarded the plane literally at the last minute. As a result of his hypnotic intervention, the groom enjoyed a calm and relaxing international flight to Los Angeles.

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Newlywed who refused to board plane cured by stranger

Facts About Fear of Flying:

Fear of flying is also known as “aviophobia” or “acrophobia.

It’s a common problem. The National Institute of Mental Health indicates that high intensity fear of flying affects 6.5 percent of the population. That’s over 20 million people!

Fear of Flying gets more attention than other phobias because air travel is often difficult for people to avoid. Socially, it prevents you from visiting far-off friends and family or traveling overseas. Career advancement is easily hindered if you’re unable to travel on work related business or attend continuing education conferences.

Drug therapy has proven to be UNSUCCESSFUL for treating fear of flying. While passengers often self-medicate with alcohol or sedatives, this only provides short-term relief without solving the long term problem.

Fears and phobias are a SOLVABLE problem. With the right strategy, change can happen very quickly. In this case, a ten minute intervention was enough to transition from a panic attack meltdown to a tranquil plane flight. It’s not always that easy, but certainly fortunate in this particular case!

It’s OK to Get Help! Fear of flying is not something to be embarrassed about. Don’t take advice from people who tell you to “just get over it.” They don’t understand the problem or what it feels like.

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