Need to Find a Professional Hypnotist in Your Area?

This article is a resource to help you find a local hypnotist in your community for hypnotherapy or hypnosis coaching services.

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I’m going to show you:

  • How to quickly find Hypnotists near you. (Directories included!)
  • Types of issues a professional hypnotist can help you with.
  • How to go about contacting a Consulting Hypnotist for a session.

Certified Hypnotist vs. “Hypnotherapist

A professional hypnotist is usually referred to as either a “Consulting Hypnotist” or a “Certified Hypnotist.” These titles are interchangeable and often represented by the initials “C.H.” after the hypnotist’s name. For example: Erick Känd, CH.

Certified Hypnotists are Not “Therapists”

While some people choose to do it anyway, it’s incorrect to refer to a Certified Hypnotist as a “Hypnotherapist.” That’s misleading unless they actually are a licensed therapist. Most Certified Hypnotists are NOT licensed therapists, and therefore not authorized to perform services that are appropriately performed by a licensed mental health professional.

Certified Hypnotists are Not “Doctors”

A Consulting Hypnotist is NOT a doctor, so they’re not qualified to diagnose or treat medical issues.

However, a Consulting Hypnotist can work with your physician under the authorization of a medical referral to provide complementary services that support your treatment. While it’s your physician’s decision, it’s a common thing to provide your Hypnotist with the appropriate medical referral authorizing the use of hypnosis services.

Why Find a Hypnotist?

The mission of a Consulting Hypnotist is to help real world people resolve real world problems. Here’s a few of the typical issues that you can address with the help of a hypnotist professional:

Hypnosis is not a magic bullet. However, if you’re highly motivated to make specific behavioral changes in your life, then hypnosis sessions are a worthwhile avenue for you to explore.

Option #1: Google Search for Hypnotists in Your City

For example, I’d do a Google search for  “Hypnotists in St Petersburg, FL“.

If you’re in a big city, there may be several Hypnotists working in your area. As part of the search results you MAY see a listing of the “top 3” Google Business listings for “Hypnotherapy services” in your area. If available, remember to click on the “More places” link at the bottom to see even more listings.

Find hypnosis near me Google business profiles.
Find Hypnosis Near You – Google Business Profiles.

Outside of Google, there are also private online directories designed to help you find a Hypnotist in your area.

Option #2: National Guild of Hypnotists Referral Service

NGH find hypnosis near me. Hypnotherapist near me.
NGH find hypnosis near me referral service.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) is probably the largest association of practicing hypnotists in the world. They maintain an international directory of their members specifically to help people find Hypnotists near you.

They have a “dead simple” Consulting Hypnotist referral service that provides you the contact information of NGH professional hypnotists working in your area. You take it from there!

Click Here: NGH Hypnotist Referrals

As with all professions, quality of training and experience varies considerably. You’ll still need to use your best judgement, and do your own research to find the right person for you.

Option #3: Directory of 5-Path Certified Hypnotists

Some of the top Hypnosis Training schools in the country maintain online directories of their graduates in order to help potential clients find local hypnotists working in their area. Here’s one such national directory for finding Certified Hypnotists near you:

Click Here: Directory of 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotists

Option #4: Psychology Today Therapists Directory

Psychology Today magazine maintains a very broad directory of Mental Health Professionals. This directory contains Therapists, Psychiatrists, and Counselors of all types. SOME of these professionals offer hypnosis sessions as part of their repertoire.

Consider this directory to find a hypnotist licensed as a therapist to work with diagnosed mental health disorders.

Click Here: Psychology Today Find a Hypnotherapist

Since most of the mental health professionals listed in this directory are NOT trained hypnotists, here’s what you need to do. In the sidebar on the left side of the directory, look for the subheading “Types of Therapy“.

Underneath that, click on the option for “Hypnotherapy,” and you’ll see filtered results showing ONLY professionals that offer Hypnotherapy services as part of their practice.

Find Hypnosis Near You with the Psychology Today Find a Therapist Directory.
Find Hypnosis Near You with the Psychology Today “Find a Therapist” Directory.

Option #5: More Hypnotist Directories

The following Hypnosis Associations also maintain online directories of their members.

How to Contact Prospective Hypnotists

After finding the Hypnotist professionals working in your area, you’ll need to pick up the phone and contact them directly.  They’ll be happy to talk with you personally to discuss:

  • Their experience working with your type of issue,
  • An estimate of the number of sessions you’ll need, and
  • The total investment required.

Hypnotists Are NOT Created Equal!

If possible, call several Hypnotist professionals to find the one that feels most comfortable for you. Talk about what you’d like to achieve if you both choose to work together. Find someone that gives you a strong feeling of professionalism and integrity.

If your issue involves a medical condition, expect them to request a medical referral from your physician before your first session.

This could be the beginning of a productive, long term relationship. After all, if your Hypnotist is able to help you achieve a goal that’s on your radar today, why not continue the working relationship with future goals as well?

Find hypnotists near me. Hypnotherapists near me.
Find hypnotists near me, then set up your first session! (via Shutterstock)

Think of the other professionals in your life that you consult periodically as needed: doctors, dentists, optometrists, lawyers, CPAs, plumbers, real estate agents, etc. Your Consulting Hypnotist is another professional on “your team” of valued service providers.

This Website is NOT a Hypnotist Referral Service

Several resources to find a hypnotist near you are listed above. There are thousands of practicing hypnotists. YOU need to do your own homework! 

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111 comments on “Find a Hypnotist Near Me

  1. It’s great that hypnotists can help you with self-confidence and stress management. My wife has been really busy with work recently, and I want to make sure that she can unwind and relax. I’ll be sure to let her know about this so that she can look further into her options for hypnosis in the future.

  2. Something happen to me in August. I have no memory of it, and I was hospitalized for 5 days due to what happened. I need to know what happened to me because I have a fear of going out.

  3. I have been studying the law of attraction. Can hypnosis help with getting things onto my subconscious mind?

  4. I am in need of losing weight. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I thought maybe hypnosis would be a option. I am open to anything and my doctor said I am not eligible for any surgical treatment. Where can I find one in my area?

  5. I contacted the National Guild of Hypnotists at your suggestion. They recommended two people: The first was a Psychic and numerologist. The second listed herself as an artist and Feng Shui specialist. Neither mentioned hypnosis whatsoever. One was local, the other 20 miles away. I then did my own search and found half a dozen licensed and certified with 3 miles of me. Why do you recommend NGH?

    • That is certainly disappointing. The NGH has a lot of outstanding Hypnotists among it’s members, but it sounds like the referral directory may need some housecleaning!

      You did the right thing to do a regional search for your area. In today’s marketplace, I wouldn’t consider someone who didn’t have a professional looking website dedicated exclusively to their hypnosis practice. First impressions are important.

  6. I need to find a hypnotist who treats extreme anxiety. I see a therapist/counselor, and a psychiatrist. I’m on many meds for anxiety, depression chronic pain and bipolar disorder. The anxiety is out of control and making me sicker. I am desperate for help and can’t even sleep.

  7. I’d like to both quit smoking and lose weight. I would like to completely quit smoking, but every time I do I start to eat. I’d like to eat healthy so I can lose weight. Can both of these be done at the same time?

    • RE: Smoking + Weight Loss
      Start with the smoking cessation and get that completely handled. You’re either a nonsmoker, or you’re not. Then start working on a weight loss protocol, which will likely require several sessions over time. Also, you’ll want to address the anxiety that’s driving the compulsive smoking and eating.

  8. My 10 year old daughter has a motor tic / habit cough where she coughs every 12-15 seconds the entire time she is awake. No medications are helping, she has lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks due to this coughing and inability to control it. She can’t go to school or really in public. Do you think hypnosis could help?

  9. My husband is in physical therapy rehab after an extended illness. He is fearful to stand and uses a walker (he says he is weak). Would hypnosis help him gain confidence?

    • I definitely need help in getting over a crucial heartbreak.

      Also have a chronic problem with being late, as I have a busy schedule. People are never understanding, and always point this out to me, which can be daunting.

  10. I have a question I was addicted to drugs for 7 yrs I’ve been sober for 5 yrs now but when I’m by myself and my husband & kids are asleep all of a sudden I will be having a flash back of where I was what happened I just want it to stop I don’t want to remember any of it will bring hypnotized help me I just want to forget it makes me feel horrible and I feel ashamed and a lot of guilt. Since getting sober I’ve gotten married to my sole mate I have my family back and this is tearing me apart because I can’t talk to anyone Please help…..

      It’s not a matter of “forgetting.” The correct course is to heal the various traumas so that the memories no longer have any painful intensity whatsoever. Yes, that is possible. I would definitely explore Meridian Tapping therapy.

  11. I caught my boyfriend with another girl at a bar a couple weeks before our child was born. They work together so they always see each other. He told me he has been seeing and talking to her for months. He says he wants to be with me but is confused on what he wants. Can hypnosis help him figure out what he wants and help him to be happy with our relationship again?

      I’m always reluctant to answer inquiries from someone who wants help “fixing” someone else. I know you’re seeking solutions, but don’t expect a simple answer for this one. My instinct is that you may first want to consider couples counseling to get your levels of communication where they need to be. The hypnosis path is most suitable for people who clearly know what they want, but are struggling to make it happen.

      Hypnosis is commonly used for behavioral modification with great success. This includes nail biting. Hypnosis will also address the underlying anxiety that fuels the behavior.

      Hypnosis can help uncover and resolve hidden emotional issues that are sabotaging the natural motivation and enthusiasm for activities that used to inspire passion.

      • I think this is one that I’ve got some relation to, my husband and I split up & after 20 years I’m ready to move on but the break was a bad one and I’m having a hard time moving forward and would just like to forget or not go through any more pain it is putting a hold on my kids recovery of the whole situation and I don’t need the pain Or want to hang on to it anymore

  12. I’m curious if this works in helping me to remember something of my past to see if it was a real occurance or not. I’ve been seeing UFO’s alot all of my life and I think I may have been abducted at one time and I need help to see if it was real or not.

      That type of memory recovery may not be a good application for hypnosis. Memories are fragile and not necessarily an accurate representation of “truth.” False memories are easily created. This is especially true if you have an expectation of finding something.

      • What if I was just trying to recover the name of a man that molested me. I have repressed these feeling, where when and how. Now I have an opportunity, to bring this matter forward.
        Thank you, John

  13. My brother has chased me with dead black widows as we grew up. When cleaning out the shed, there was a black widow hanging from my shoulder. I just started to scream and hit on myself. A year ago I saw one in the kitchen and thought I was going to have a heart attack. I’m 72 years old, and I don’t want to die due to a damn bug. I won’t go outside at night, I am constantly freaking out when I go though webs. Can this type of procedure help me.?

  14. Two years ago I had surgery and since then I have had a fear of heights and driving, I cannot no longer fly or go over bridges or up and down stairs. I have tried acupuncture and that did not work. Is there any help for me?

  15. I am having trouble passing a test to finish my degree. I have taken this test 8 times and I cannot pass it will hypnosis help me pass it?

      I’ve helped law students with hypnosis to successfully pass the bar exam after they’d previously failed 1-2 times. In those cases, it was test anxiety that was causing them to perform poorly.

  16. Three weeks ago I lost my wedding rings that belonged to my mother plus two other diamond rings. My wedding set is very special to me. I took them off in the house and it is like I blacked out where I put them. Can hypnotherapy help me find them?

  17. I had a boyfriend when I was in high school 50 years ago. We were only together for two years but I consider him as the love of my life. Now, I’m in my twilight years and I still think of him every single day from the moment I wake up to the time to sleep. He became an obsession. Can hypnosis completely ERASE him from my mind? I’m suffering everyday because of him. Without him in my memory, I will be a very happy person.

      Imagine if you could think about him with a completely NEUTRAL response? The solution is NOT to erase memories. Instead, it’s more desirable to release the negative and/or obsessive emotions you’ve associated with this person and these memories. This can certainly be done with hypnosis or even the Meridian Tapping techniques taught in my FearCureCourse.

      • I need help managing memories of childhood abuse, and a past relationship that ended badly. I’m wondering what your fee is, and what services are offered for those fees.

        • Hi Sandra,
          You can use the resources in this post to find a local practitioner in your area. Most of them will give you a free phone consultation to discuss your goals and their fees.

      Those types of issues are basically addictions that are fueled by ANXIETY. If you’re motivated, sincere, and committed, then hypnosis can help you break the emotional and behavioral cycles that perpetuate the problems.

    • I’ve been using slot machines as a form of stress relief and companionship. I need help in limiting this as it has become a problem in my life. I have an addictive nature.

  18. I cannot get over the ending of a relationship that ended 15 months ago. I still feel like I will never find another girl like her and it continues to consume me. The worst is that I caused the breakup and still just can’t forgive myself for doing that. I’ve tried dating other women but I eventually fall back into a state of depression over this loss. Would Hypnosis be able to help me let go of my feelings for her and allow me to move on?

  19. I’ve been suffering with mesaphonia for many years now. I can’t eat with my family because as soon as I hear a fork scrape on their teeth or if they eat something a little crunchy it sets off a flame of anger inside of me. It’s torn relationships of mine apart because when I hear these noises that bug me I give dirty looks without realizing it, and I say things I do not mean. I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life because I can’t handle everyday noises! I want to have kids one day but who knows what I might say by accident to them if they eat. I really want this to go away, I can’t even go to the movie theatre because of all the popcorn crunching. Please let me know if hypnosis would work.

      My understanding is that misophonia is a form of anxiety that gets triggered in specific situations. We can break this complex problem down into distinct components that CAN be helped through hypnosis sessions:
      – Anger,
      – Anxiety and Stress,
      – Fear of the next outburst and/or being “out of control,”
      – Neutralizing the subconscious triggers that are triggering the reactive behavior.

      Hope that helps, Jordan!

  20. I had to go to the hospital, and I took my wedding rings off as well as 4 other rings and an ankle bracelet. I put them in a small zip lock bag and hid them. I have been looking for them for 1 month I cleaned out all of my room from top to bottom cleaned out almost everything in my house. My husband and I have been looking every day. My memory is not the greatest. I hid money about 4 years ago and never found it. My husband is getting very unhappy with me. Can hypnosis help me find my jewelry?

  21. I keep having reoccurring haunting dreams of being molested and raped as a child ever since around the age 10. I am now 34 and still having these dreams. It’s gotten so bad that I have dreams that it’s happened to my children. I’ve been having mental health issues since I was 7-8 years old. When I was 12, my doctor thought I was sexually active because my hymen was torn, I was not. My mother had lots of “boyfriends” while she was still with my dad. They would get into arguments, and she would drag me along on her sexcapades. I just want answers and closure so I can finally move on with my life. Would hypnotherapy help me?

      Wanting things to be different is the cause of suffering. Searching for “answers” and “closure” energizes a fixation on the past. A Consulting Hypnotist can help you with present day problems as well as the release of grievances and anger (aka putting the past behind you where it belongs).

      Also, read my response to the previous comment which is also inquiring about childhood memories.

  22. I have a bad half of a childhood memory but I can’t remember everything it bothers me a lot as I get older any advice?????

      Memories are fragile and not necessarily accurate representations of the truth. You cannot change something that’s already happened, and it’s not necessary to “face your past.” Inner peace and healing comes from RELEASING the past. Put your energy into the problems, concerns, and passions of the present moment.

  23. I had “evil” paranormal experiences as a child, which I relate to using an Oujia board. Today I have depression and panic attacks. I believe there is a correlation. Is Hypnosis a wise idea in my situation?

      Find a Consulting Hypnotist, and they’ll arrange to get a referral from your physician to work with you on the depression and panic problems. Don’t be attached to your belief about a correlation with specific childhood experiences- it may or may not be relevant.

    • Look up Neil Anderson, Phd. he is an author and a counselor in California. He addresses the issues books pertaining to “evil spirits”, He has helped me and countless people.

  24. My friend had minor stroke a few years ago. His major issue is that his brain is not sending signals to block pain in left leg (painful because of natural spinal degeneration which is affecting the nerves in the leg, the back no pain). Can hypnosis help him in this case?

  25. For as long as I can remember I’ve never gone out of my comfort zone. Not confident in my self and too afraid to go to college or be on my own in life. Meaning I still stay with my mom. Can I be helped?

      Absolutely. Anybody that WANTS to be helped, can be helped. If you have the resources, you’d probably find hypnosis sessions very beneficial. Also, check out the Fear Cure Course for real world techniques to overcome your self doubts and get courageous!

  26. All my life i have had anxiety and a fear of being alone and horrible vivid night mares about possesion can hypnoses help me??

      “Anxiety” is typically a medical diagnosis. Consult a a qualified physician first, and get a medical referral for hypnosis sessions. Sounds like you would also be a good candidate for the FearCureCourse.

  27. I have some bad memories from my past that pop up in my head from time to time, they are very emotional and unhappy memories. Could hypnosis help me stop them and make them kind of disappear?

      The idea of “erasing bad memories,” as some clients request, is pointless. The more desirable alternative is to NEUTRALIZE the painful emotions associated with those memories. That way, you have all the learnings from the life experience without the continued anguish and suffering. There are a few modern therapeutic techniques to achieve this quite rapidly:
      – Hypnosis,
      – Meridian Tapping, aka The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),
      – Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
      The “best of the best” protocols from these fields that can actually be self-applied are included in the FearCureCourse.

    • I also have this problem and I find it more and difficult to live with. I need professional help to get me through this dramatic past experience that I am very a shamed of. Please advice me of what I should do.

  28. I would like to change my eating habits, I don’t like vegetables but would really like to eat them so that I can have a healthy diet. Is this something that hypnosis can help on?

  29. Can hypnosis help me to control my anger?
    Also Can it help me re-program my mind to eat differently then what I do now? Like helping me to cut on sugary products.

      Consult the 5-Path Hypnotist Directory mentioned in the post. These practitioners have an excellent protocol for working through anger issues.

      As for weight loss and behavior modification, that seems to be the most popular reason people work with a Consulting Hypnotists. I guess everybody want to lose some weight?!

      • I am trying to find a hypnotist to help my dad. He can not eat or drink with out choking. He has lost a lot of weight and it is unhealthy. He thinks all of it is in his head. Could someone help with this?

  30. Hello I am seeking help for chronic PTSD. I have been suffering with this for over 45 years. Any suggestions you can give me would be helpful appreciate. Thank you

  31. My wife sufered a severe stroke and thankfully making a recovery. However, she has recall, retention, speech and motor shills deficiencies. Are there any Hypnotist that an accelerate her recovery ?

      I think it would be worth your while to open up a dialogue with a local hypnotist to discuss hypnosis as a complement to her physician’s care. Hypnosis can help with the stressful emotions and keep her focused on a positive mental expectancy for healing. Also, take a look at these case studies on the use of hypnosis to accelerate recovery of motor function:
      Hypnosis for Stroke Rehabilitation Case Studies

  32. We am flying out to Florida in September this year & all though I’m not scared of flying I am terrified of being stuck in a aeroplane for 9 hours I get very claustrophobic in closed spaces, we have flown to Cyprus many times and I have had panic attack’s if I get hot and I feel as if I cannot breathe,
    So I am wondering if being hypnotised could help me. The thought of it is scaring me to death so please would it help me thank you.

  33. Can it help me with being motivated to excerise? I had surgery last year to get my ACL re built and I ended up gaining more then 100 lbs. I want to increase my chance of getting the fat back off.

      The answer is “yes,” BUT I want to clarify something. OF COURSE, exercise has mental and physiological benefits. However, if you want to lose weight/fat, 80% of your results are going to come by changing the composition of what you eat. Make sure that you focus on nutrition as the priority if you want to actually get rapid results for your stated outcome. For a fun research assignment, do a web search on these phrases:
      1) “You can’t outrun a bad diet.”
      2) “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

      No one knows for sure what causes a nervous tic, but it seems to be a subconscious response that can be exacerbated by stress. It’s commonly known that hypnosis can help with general stress levels:
      Stress Management Hypnosis
      Additionally, physiological problems like facial tics, stuttering, and blushing are often responsive to targeted hypnosis treatments. I think it’s worth your while to look into it.

  34. I was wondering if this would help me with claustrophobia and also help me deal with stress from my job and problems losing weight. Thank you for your time

  35. I was raped as a child. There are things that are missing in my memory. I want to know who raped me. I need to know the truth. People may say this will be bad, but put yourself in my shoes. People telling you one thing when it may be something else.

      That’s true, Dorothy. There’s no point in “pushing” treatment on someone who does not yet feel that they have a problem. However, if your son desires some options, he can seek out a hypnotist that works with alcohol related issues.

  36. I did something a year ago in bookkeeping my the small business where I work. It made perfect sense at the time, but I cannot remember the reason now. Can hypnosis help me retrieve the memory?

      Forensic hypnosis is used by law enforcement to help victims recover details of the crime scene. Also, hypnosis is commonly used to help recover a lost or misplaced item.

      Permanent memory is the realm of the subconscious mind, so hypnosis CAN be used to help you retrieve the memory.

      However, it’s possible this could take several sessions, and there’s no guarantee of success. You’d have to consider whether the desired item is worth the investment of time and dollars?

      • My husband went missing for three days. Police found him, and took him to the hospital. The car is still missing. He says he knows where it is, but he doesn’t know how to get back there. He had ran out of gas, was lost, and walking for those days with no food or money. He said he tried to put the car in a place where it wouldn’t be noticed or bothered. Police still have the tag # in the system but nothing has turned up as yet. He is a former alcoholic but not drank for months. He has gotten lost several times before, but I’ve always found the car. Neurologist said he doesn’t have dementia or Alzheimer’s, but alcohol has caused memory loss due to the excess amounts and length of time that he did drink. Would hypnosis help? We can’t afford much but we also can’t afford another vehicle at our age. What do you think?

        • Using hypnosis for memory to recover a lost item could take several sessions, and there’s no guarantee of success. Putting hypnosis aside, there are modern alternatives to owning a vehicle worth considering, like the Uber service.

  37. My 14 year old daughter has no self confidence. She has been in orchestra for a year, and does very well, until she has to perform in front of an audience. Can hypnosis help her gain confidence?

      GREAT application for hypnosis sessions! Some of the potential variables that can be addressed with hypnosis are:
      – Conquering fears (such as stage fright, performance anxiety),
      – Building confidence and self esteem,
      – Success visualization: Mentally rehearsing positive outcomes to create the expectancy of success.

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