Get Started with Power Poses

What are power poses? Simple tweaks in your body language that cause rapid changes in your self confidence and personal power.

Most people understand that body language affects how other people perceive you. Did you know the position of your body affects your own brain?

You can benefit from this important discovery starting right now!

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About Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy is a Social Psychologist. As a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, she studies the implications of nonverbal behavior.

Through her research, Amy discovered how people become more powerful simply by modifying their own body language with simple “power poses.”

Positions of Powerlessness (Avoid These!)

  • Crossing arms,
  • Touching your neck,
  • Looking down,
  • Contracted or closed postures,
  • Anything that makes you smaller.

Power Poses (Practice These!)

  • Superhero Pose: Hand on hips, standing tall, with feet wide.
  • Victory Pose: Hands held high over head as if you just won a race.
  • Boss Pose: Lean back with hands behind your head (optional- put feet on your desk).
  • Don Draper Pose: Sit on couch with arms spread wide resting on top of the couch.

Additional Power Pose Tips:

Be as big as you can. Take up space. Stand with wide feet.

If sitting down, avoid crossing your arms. Rest your arms on the arms of the chair, or spread them wide if you have something that allows you to stretch out.

Exercise: Practice Power Poses in a Public Place

Go to a restaurant or coffee shop. Get a big table or booth all to yourself (i.e. taking up space).

Sit up straight and pull your shoulders back. Spread your arms wide in front of you, and rest your hands flat on the table in front of you with fingers spread. Arms and hands should be relaxed.

Take in a deep breath all the way down to your belly. How do you feel?

Power Pose Benefits

  • Increases testosterone (the POWER hormone).
  • Decreases cortisol (the STRESS hormone).

Power poses change your hormones, and research shows they make you perform better under stress. In other words, power poses really do give you more confidence and power.

The Mind-Body Connection Works Both Ways

As you know, feeling happy makes you smile.

Did you know that smiling makes you happy even if you were NOT happy?

Here’s the mind-body trick that can change your life: If you want to achieve an emotional state, adopt the physical body language of the emotion you desire. 

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be depressed while you’re disco dancing to Staying Alive, wouldn’t you agree?

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