Self Hypnosis

A Definite Chief Aim-
Bruce Lee Had One, Do You?

Creating a Definite Chief Aim for yourself supercharges goal setting success. Once you’ve decided upon a Definite Chief Aim, all decisions and actions align with this major purpose. All SUCCESS begins with definiteness of purpose.

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Is Hypnosis Real?

What happens in the brain during hypnosis? Scientists can now measure brain changes and activity during the hypnotic state. We experience natural trance states and even hypnotize ourselves every day. Discover how the subconscious mind interprets imagination as reality.

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Goal Setting Step by Step Video

The Blueprint for Achieving Your Goals!
1) Why people fail at goal setting.
2) Exact steps of goal achievement
3) Thinking big and finding your purpose.
Goal setting works, but it must be done the right way. Discover the secrets right here!

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