Stress & Anxiety Relief with Diaphragmatic Breathing Video

Breathing: You’re doing it wrong!
Learn how most people are breathing inefficiently, and why? Experience the massive health benefits of getting more oxygen into your body. Find out how to get natural anxiety relief and even stop panic attacks with a simple breathing technique!

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Find a Hypnotist Near Me

How can you easily find Hypnotists near you? What types of issues can a professional hypnotist can help you with? How do you go about contacting a Consulting Hypnotist for a session? All this, and more, including the best directories to find Professional Hypnotists.

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Does Hypnosis Work?

I Hypnotized a Skeptical Journalist, and THIS is what happened…
Can anyone be hypnotized? What is it really like to experience a hypnosis session? How do stage hypnosis shows work?

This article was featured as the cover story in the San Diego Reader.

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